Oct 22, 2020

WHAT THE GOLF? is not a new game, it’s been available on Apple Arcade, recently released on Switch, and already on PC via the Epic Games Store. Now it’s finally come to Steam with all updates and some new additions. And since we haven’t reviewed this yet, let’s talk about how great WHAT THE GOLF? is. The developers at Triband really don’t like golf, but made a game around the idea that only tangentially resembles the sport. It’s a concept that works really well, and will get its hooks in anyone who plays it. WHAT THE GOLF? is a great example of parody and gameplay in perfect harmony.

Exit the Gungeon Review

Mar 20, 2020

You’ve Entered the Gungeon, now it’s time to Exit the Gungeon. Exit the Gungeon is admittedly a bite-sized game in size and scope, and this self-proclaimed ‘dungeon climber’ has finally left the exclusivity on Apple Arcade for PC and Switch. The shift from an overhead to a side perspective has its ups and downs, mostly ups. Exit the Gungeon is a tightly packed adventure that’s better enjoyed in short bursts, and captures what worked well in Enter the Gungeon, but on a smaller scale.

Manifold Garden Review

Dec 20, 2019

Puzzle games in 2019 are pretty tough to pull off. Once a staple genre of PC gaming in its infancy, modern experiences are often perceived as being so much more diverse and interesting in what they have to offer than your standard brain tickler. And it’s true that the exploratory, sometimes experiential games that made the genre successful in its early days don’t always have the same wide appeal as they once did, nor the punch and bombast of most action-oriented titles we play today.