Hoplegs (Switch) Review

Nov 17, 2021

Ever question life as a box? No? If you’ve ever wondered, then Hoplegs tries to answer that by asking if boxes could grow Legs. Hoplegs has you play as a young wizard named Hoppus on a mission. A mission to tell the king about a great evil heading their way told by his master. Unfortunately, the transportation spell messes up, and you’ve become a box. Now desperate, you have to use this body to get home, up and over many obstacles, including small ledges, big ledges, large gaps, walls, floaty smog, and ice to get to the king. Hoppus needs to warn the king about the great prophecy, one which could devastate the whole kingdom! He climbs over mountains, jumps through tunnels, and traverses icy landscapes trying to reach the castle. The gameplay felt great, the art style seemed to fit with what the creator was going for, and the story added a nice charm to the game.