Little Nightmares II Review

Feb 17, 2021

In retrospect, I was too hard on Little Nightmares when I reviewed it four years ago. It wasn’t until my second playthrough, I was finally able to appreciate what that game was doing, and its DLC episodes enhanced the experience. With Little Nightmares II, Tarsier Studios offers more insight to its haunting world by upping the tension and displaying more disturbing behavior at nearly every turn. This is sequel in every respect, and improves upon everything that made the first game so great.


Feb 07, 2019

It’s weird to think it’s been twelve years since the last numbered entry for the ACE COMBAT series. ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN returns in its glorious and unusual fashion – acting as if it had never left. While the cutscenes are bizarre, they tell tales where humanity shines in the dark. With that, the series has never looked or played better. ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN features an interesting cast of characters, a wide variety of planes to pilot, some really cool missions, and an engrossing story from start to finish.

Little Nightmares Review

May 08, 2017

Little Nightmares is a game that was not on my radar, and seemed to come out of nowhere. The game elicits vibes from Inside and Limbo, offering a bow of respect from Tarsier Studios, as they work to carve a path in the adventure horror game with their own name. There’s some great moments of tension within Little Nightmares, but it fails to give you a reason to care or even be scared at the goings on, and gives a rather befuddling ending just as the credits roll.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 Review

Sep 12, 2016

PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 is the official sequel to the XBLA original in 2007, and while we saw a “DX” quasi-sequel in 2011, it was everything from the original PAC-MAN Championship Edition and and improved greatly on those systems. PAC-MAN Championship Edition took risks with moving away from a pure survival for high-score focused gameplay and instead focused on a more strategic type of play for high-scores. PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 doesn’t quite take the same risks, doesn’t have a graphical leap with new consoles, and instead plays it safe with “more of the same” in delivering fast and energetic gameplay, at a cost of feeling fresh.

GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst Review

Sep 07, 2016

♫ He’s a god eater ♫ is a singing joke I made when I first booted up God Eater 2, Rage Burst. I knew little about this game aside from the name, that it was a sequel to God Eater, and that these titles were originally on Vita. I’ll say right away, if games like Monster Hunter are not an idea of a perfect night of gaming, then stay fast, as God Eater 2 is more than likely not going to win anyone over otherwise.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Review

Sep 03, 2015

One Piece has had a plethora of videogame adaptations. Based on the hit anime and manga, we see our favorite band of rag tag pirates on the hunt for treasure and adventure. Prior games released with the franchiser range from adventure, role playing, and action games. One Piece Warriors release a few years back and admittedly started off a little rough, with 2 bringing greater justice to the franchise. Now being at iteration number 3, can an action hack and slash improve even more? I’d definitely say ‘yes’.