John Wick Hex Review

Oct 14, 2019

Master Assassin, Baba Yaga, The Boogeyman, The Devil. These are names for the eponymous John Wick. How he got these names, John Wick Hex tries to fill in with his badassery in this standalone prequel to the movies starring Keanu Reeves, featuring only his likeness and not his voice here. As a whole, it works well without it being shoehorned somewhere within the numbered series that messes up the chronology. Mike Bithell has developed memorable and engrossing story-driven games with great gameplay before, but his touch feels notably absent here. John Wick Hex is a smart game made fallible by messing with the core of this action series: slowing it down.

Subsurface Circular Review

Mar 01, 2018

One of the major challenges facing any narrative-driven game is the successful execution of a story whose quality merits the player’s time spent. This is especially true for games which are essentially interactive dramas. While Subsurface Circular certainly isn’t a visual novel by any means, its core mechanic is story advancement through conversation.