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Aug 06, 2020

A mysterious rattle echoes through the vents and the lights in the bathroom flicker. A dull, unearthly roaring sound fills the space from every direction. A loud crash a few rooms down the hall sounds, followed by a slippery, slimy chorus of something fleshy spreading around. Frantic, chilling screams erupt and then are quickly muffled and silenced, replaced a clatter of bones and moist, squelching splatter of viscera painting every surface of the room. Silence. Heavy breathing. More rattling in the vents. The bathroom door bursts open and an indistinguishable mass of organic matter fills and becomes the room. More screams from just a few feet away, a horrible gnashing sound and a dull thud as dismembered limbs hit the floor. The mass recedes and leaves a thorough coating of blood and slime behind it. The lone survivor hiding in the stall breathes a sigh of relief, believing the nightmare to be over, and a split second later the grating flies off of the vent above them and a writhing mass of fleshy tentacles grips the survivor and pulls them mercilessly toward three gaping maws of innumerable razor teeth. My maws. My teeth. I devour the pathetic human gleefully, urgently, shaking them about to suck all of their mass into my organs and re-purpose it as part of myself. I am the monster. I am unstoppable.