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Serial Cleaners Review

Sep 21, 2022

Cleaners are everywhere, and no I don’t mean the ones doing a legitimate cleaning of crime scenes, it’s – you know – the ones that erase all traces of evidence to avoid incrimination. Entertainment and media has even begun to put them on all full display in recent years. First you’ve got “The Cleaner” nickname that AEW wrestler Kenny Omega has gone by. Then there’s the “Specialized Waste Disposal” crew that comes to clean-up John Wick’s home. Five years after the original, Serial Cleaners is a twist on the stealth genre that elevates everything about the original to be a stellar sequel about cleaning up messes, not making them.

Ritual: Crown of Thorns Review

Nov 19, 2019

The Wild West and horror are two genre’s I’m extremely into. The idea of the two crossing paths isn’t a new one, but it’s also one we don’t see all too often.  Ritual Crown of Thorns tries to blend the two into a top down action shooter with a lot of challenge. I’d say they succeed overall, but of course like unworldly contract, there is a fine print.