Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia DLC Review

May 18, 2015

SCS Software has been hard at work for their 2nd major DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, titled Scandinavia. The result of this work fills in the northern part of Europe that has been sorely missing from the core game. It is more appropriate to call this an expansion due to its size and pricing, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is only enhanced by this addition and is also the most visually distinct and beautiful places to virtually drive through in all of the game.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review

Jan 15, 2013

Games like Forza Motorsport or Flight Simulator tap into a desire to fulfill being a race car driver or airline pilot. Euro Truck Simulator 2 doesn’t quite have that same desire of wanting to be a European truck driver, but there’s a lot of allure and appeal to the job. I have spent many hours carrying virtual cargo all over Europe. An unexpected, but very welcome surprise.