F1 2014 Review

Oct 29, 2014

The F1 series from Codemasters is annualized for good reason. Each year, FIA Formula One introduces new technologies, and makes interesting changes. Instead of Codemasters being the ones making changes and creating new gameplay mechanics to serve a yearly game (i.e. Madden NFL), the gameplay is served by the changes to the racing it is based on. And for this, the series greatest strength is from the sport itself.

F1 2014 screams to Retail and Digital Stores today

Oct 21, 2014

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F1 2014 trailer shows off the intensity that a Season brings

Sep 30, 2014

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Watch the Bahrain Hot Lap in F1 2014

Aug 12, 2014

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F1 2014 announced by Codemasters

Jul 31, 2014

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