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Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Mar 22, 2022

There is something infinitely tantalizing about stepping into the rain-soaked streets of a neon-lit city. The mere act of entry evokes adventure and mystery, with discoveries waiting for you around every turn. Add a strange fog that disappears humans in their tracks a la the rapture, and a host of wayward spirit visitors lurking in their stead, and you’ve got a setup for a uniquely eerie outing. This is how you find yourself at the outset of Ghostwire: Tokyo, thrust into events bigger than yourself as the only remaining living soul in all of Tokyo, under constant threat of death and imbued with ethereal powers of your own, and the only one who can put a stop to the total subsumption of humanity. It’s a great setup with some excellent visual style, but it doesn’t always meet its potential.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Preview

Mar 14, 2022