Into The Pit Review

Dec 10, 2021

The recent trend of crunchy-looking, 90s FPS inspired games has produced a few hits and misses, owing largely to the fact that you can’t simply slap a coat of extra pixelated paint on a game and expect it to rocket up the sales charts. Playing on nostalgia is an effective marketing strategy, but delivering a game that’s well built, fun to play, and therefore worthy of your time is an important requirement for making sure your nostalgia piece lands. Into the Pit is a curious case because it brings a lot of great elements to concoct its formula, and on paper it should have everything going for it, but when everything comes together it lacks some of the depth and variety it needs for the package to realize its potential.

Unpacking Review

Dec 01, 2021

Most of us have moved at some point in our lives, and I’m sure we’re all in agreeance that between packing and unpacking, the most enjoyable of the two is the unpacking. Well, Developers Witch Beam has taken that concept and crafted it into a fun game that scratches that lizard-brain itch for organization and subtly tells a lovely story along the way.

Project Wingman Review

Nov 30, 2020

Project Wingman comes from a passionate Ace Combat fan turned game developer, with an overly successful Kickstarter that matches enthusiasm for a series that once lied dormant. In the time Project Wingman was incepted, there was a seventh entry in that famous dogfighting franchise that released, to high praise. As that expert battle entry sunsets with its final DLC release, now’s the perfect time for Project Wingman to come out. The developer, now known as Sector D2 has set out to make Project Wingman a success in its own right, and does so on every front.