SteamWorld Dig (Switch) Review

Feb 07, 2018

SteamWorld Dig has resurfaced, and it has made its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The game does so, cleanly and wonderfully. By design, SteamWorld Dig is completely unchanged in its transition to the new console, so it is the same game as the other versions in every way. While I would have liked to see new features, touch controls, or enhancements from SteamWorld Dig 2, it just isn’t needed. And even though there’s nothing new to be found here, what’s here is a tightly packed game that put Image & Form on the map. SteamWorld Dig is a treasure all its own.

SteamWorld Heist Review

Jun 13, 2016

SteamWorld Dig was a game that felt like it was too short, SteamWorld Heist is thankfully the opposite, and a game I want to spend all the time with. This game was first released on the Nintendo 3DS at the tail end last year, and I’m so glad it has made its way to platforms that can and does really put its beauty on display. SteamWorld Heist combines turn-based strategy, RPG, exploration, and even includes skill-based shots as part of its core gameplay to become one of the best games I’ve played this year.