INSIDE (Switch) Review

Jul 25, 2018

As the screen fades up from pitch black into a dark forest at nighttime, and a red-shirted boy who is your avatar tumbles into frame, there is a distinct and deliberate feeling of familiarity; not quite deja vu, but close. This is almost immediately undercut by the realization that you are on the run, and you don’t have time to stand still and get your bearings. Thus, in the first twenty seconds of the game, INSIDE makes it clear that you’re back in Playdead’s world, but the stakes are higher and as familiar as things may seem at first, you won’t be able to rely on your past experiences to survive this journey. This world isn’t just dangerous, it’s actively hunting you, trying to catch you at every single turn.

Harry Harrison’s Top 10 Games of 2016

Dec 27, 2016

To date, Harry has now only written two reviews for Saving Content, but he plays lots of games we are otherwise already covering. Though, he’s also playing games that aren’t on many people’s radar, which makes his list one to look for as it may present games to you that maybe you hadn’t heard of before.

Justin Celani’s Top 10 Games of 2016

Dec 26, 2016

The above is in no way a spoiler of Justin’s number one game, but it definitely appears on this list. Justin has been busy this year between YouTube, writing, and of course his family and other real-world obligations. This is why Justin has assembled a hearty list of games he’s played this year, and if you haven’t played something from this list, you should be convinced to start.