Prison Architect: Console Edition Review

Jun 28, 2016

Prison Architect has been kicking around awhile in alpha form since 2012 on PC. A successful crowdfunding campaign later and the game finally saw release late last year. I had enjoyed my time with this prison management simulator back in the alpha but would the the fun management and easy to navigate controls of a mouse and keyboard translate well to the PlayStation 4?

Prison Architect Alpha 12 Now Available

Jul 31, 2013

Drugs. Booze. Weapons. This alpha is all about contraband.  Steal weapons and tools from the workshop, drugs from sick bay or Whisky and Smokes from the Warden’s office.
Now you have to think a bit harder about what room types to include, because whilst visitation calms the little darlings, they’ll also use it to smuggle their methadone fix in a baby’s nappy.
Search a prisoner, a cell, or order a whole prison shakedown and find out who’s got what and from whence it came. Careful though, too many unwarranted searches will result in a riot…

Prison Architect Preview – Incarcerated with the Alpha

Mar 04, 2013

Prison Architect is Introversion’s latest game in progress. If you didn’t know they were developing it, one might assume that “it’s just one of those tycoon games”, and write it off. You shouldn’t. It goes far beyond just making money and things operation. It actually gets quite personal among the inmates, and gives you a connection to the world you create.