Aug 26, 2013

Making a new entry into the fighting game genre must be a daunting task. Unless you’re DIvekick, which immediately won the hearts and minds of attendees when it debuted at PAX East 2013. Should you kick the door down and give Iron Galaxy your money, or dive out of the way?

Wreckateer Review

Jul 30, 2012

Wreckateer is an excellent example of a game that is fun to play without a steep learning curve; the execution is simple creating something everyone can enjoy. You’ll hear it everywhere and I’ll mention it here, but this game is similar to Angry Birds. Unlike those birds, you’re looking through the point of view of the slingshot.  The game uses Kinect and the tracking works wonderfully, but watch yourself, Wreckateer is a great game but just drops off right before you get that itch to play again; that is if you overdo it.

You Don’t Know Jack Review

Mar 24, 2011

You don’t know jack, and neither do I – still, after all these years. That is of course, you’re the type who game the game until you remember all the answers to the questions. There is a hiccup with that idea though, there are 730 questions total in the game. Each episode has 10 questions and 73 episodes in total (excluding DLC that is now out). The humor-infused to the basic trivia game format is the bread and butter of this long-running, formerly PC-only series. The host this time is Cookie Masterson, asking you all the questions and getting himself side-tracked all along the way with anecdotes and cheesy jokes.