Judgment Review

May 26, 2021

Trudging through the streets of Kamurocho, the mass of blinding lights reflected in their perpetually puddle-ridden surfaces (despite there never being any rain on-screen), you weave your way through the crowds overhearing snippets of conversation from locals and tourists alike, your steely gaze centered on the target you’re tailing. You’ve just been swindled out of 100,000 Yen at a shady bar in the Champion District by a smug owner with penchant for host clubs (a fact you’ve deduced from overhearing a heated argument between her and her husband and observing her behavior before leaving), and you’re determined to get your money back from her by catching her in the act of cheating. Inevitably, you snap a photo of the infidelity in action and surprise her with the evidence, fight off her paid-for boyfriend who has been freshly bribed to take you down, and reclaim the cash you got tricked out of. All in a day’s work for Takayuki Yagami, disgraced former lawyer turned private investigator with ties to the criminal underworld and the justice system alike, and much bigger problems at hand than being suckered by a barker.