Iron Harvest Review

Sep 04, 2020

Real-time strategy games like Company of Heroes and Dawn of War II are now considered classics, relics of the past. Iron Harvest aims to capture the mid-2000s era of RTS gaming, and mostly succeeds at that goal. It’s got a lengthy, strong campaign full of heart that offers three distinct viewpoints with focus on giant, hulking mechs that release wanton destruction. The multiplayer is lacking in a few key areas, hurting the longevity of the game for the time being. As it stands, Iron Harvest is a revitalization of the RTS genre that’s sat dormant for too long, until now.

Battle Worlds: Kronos Review

Nov 11, 2013

King Art Games, a German developer known for The Book of Unwritten Tales has created a successful game, two-fold. One part is their overfunded Kickstarter. The other, is the incredibly well-designed and fun-to-play, Battle Worlds: Kronos that is a hex-grid, turn-based strategy game as few do well.