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Lost Judgment Review

Dec 08, 2021

You’ve heard the rumors for days; in the dark of night, after all the students have gone home, the model of the human body from the science classroom awakens and stalks the halls of Seiryo High School. It sounds too absurd to be true, but far stranger and graver things have been afoot at the school of late, and you have to chase down every lead to uncover the truth. And so here you are, walking the eerily quiet buildings in search of what has to be some kind of prankster, when suddenly… you watch dumbfounded with your own eyes as the body model crosses the end of the long hallway. As you give pursuit, it sees you and takes flight, hucking its organs at you in an attempt to slow you down as it dives through windows, hops fences, and takes evasive action, and all the while you’re wondering to yourself if any of this is actually happening and how you even got mixed up in this mess to begin with.