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MotoGP 20 Review

Apr 23, 2020

MotoGP 20 comes early this year, and ahead of the real-life season for once, but only because of these extreme circumstances. There’s some omissions from last year’s entry that I can’t say are big losses, but there was some emphasis on them that makes it feel odd they’re no longer there. Instead, Milestone has tuned last year’s strongest elements into being even stronger this time around. MotoGP 20 is another solid entry in the series with vast improvements to the visuals and career, though some parts feel a bit samey.

MotoGP 19 Review

Jun 06, 2019

MotoGP 19 sees many big changes for this year’s entry, and all of them are positive. This is also a year of additions and refinements, building off of what came last year in exponential ways. Milestone has given the game a fresh coat of paint, that’s brighter and more vibrant, making it feel more alive. The simulation of seeing your rider shift side-to-side for narrow turns while simultaneously trying not to let the bike fall to the ground. MotoGP 19 is best the series has been, but has room to grow and improve.