NASCAR 21: Ignition Review

Nov 18, 2021

The heat has been shut off on this year’s NASCAR title, and in its place is a fresh start for developer Motorsport Games. So it’s fitting that this year’s title is now called Ignition, but is this a strong enough debut to get things rolling, or does this one fail to turn over? Like all things in life, this one is a little of both.

NASCAR Heat 5 Review

Sep 03, 2020

NASCAR Heat 5 is nearly a carbon copy of last year’s game, especially if you partake in the career mode. As with my review of last year’s NASCAR Heat 4, that year’s previous year’s NASCAR Heat 3 had a good thing going for it and was the same solid game. NASCAR Heat 5 is still that same solid game; it’s unfortunate that we get no significant improvements this year.