DOOM 64 (Switch) Review

Apr 28, 2020

At last, 22 years after its original debut on the Nintendo 64, DOOM 64 comes back home with its release on Nintendo Switch, and it has truly never looked better. While this isn’t the first time this curious deviation from the mainline series continuity has been remastered, it’s the first official re-release of the game, and the first time the game has graced a Nintendo system (or any console, for that matter) since its modernization. And truly, it’s an excellent way to experience what is truthfully a classic DOOM game that so many fans have had few opportunities to play before, and arguably the most faithful way to play it on a modern system.

Forsaken Remastered Review

Oct 12, 2018

Thinking back to PC gaming in the late 90s conjures up a flurry of memories filled with low-poly models, gratuitous use of colored lighting, and a heavy emphasis on extreme everything from speed to attitude, explosions to bigger explosions. In many ways, PC games at that time were a near-perfect distillation everything that media and marketing of the era were pushing on audiences; only 90s kids will truly remember the feeling of literally everything being IN YOUR FACE all the time, and that’s probably for the best; nobody else should have to carry that with them.