DmC Devil May Cry (PC) Review

Feb 09, 2013

My initial thoughts of a Devil May Cry reboot were sanguine. I had felt that the last entry wasn’t up to series standards, and suffered from a lot of repetition. Even with the excitement of a reboot, I never would have imagined that Ninja Theory would absolutely blow me away, and give new life to this gothic franchise.

DmC Devil May Cry (360) Review

Feb 08, 2013

Ninja Theory’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise has been surrounded by controversy. Many fans of the previous four games have been crying out in protest over Ninja Theory’s handling of this reboot. From the radical tonal shift, to the color of Dante’s hair; there’s nothing these fans won’t complain about. I’m here to tell them that they’re dead wrong. DmC: Devil May Cry isn’t just an outstanding Devil May Cry game, it’s an outstanding game PERIOD.