Steel Diver Review

Jun 17, 2011

Steel Diver, what can I say about you?  Like a heavy piece of steel, you’re slow.  Sure, I know subs by nature are slow moving beasts, I’m not dumb.  But they just don’t seem to translate well into a good game here and it’s not the only factor either, this game lacks content to keep you coming back.

Nintendogs + Cats Review

Apr 04, 2011

Nintendogs + Cats.  Need I say more?  The game is pretty straight forward, adopt a puppy then tend to his or her needs.  If you’ve played the original Nintendogs you know how it goes.  You have three titles of the same game to choose from.  Each version has a different set of dogs but all can become unlockable eventually. There are differences though from the start, and the thing that stick out the most are the graphics.  The world is in 3D and the graphics are far superior to those in the original title.   You can see fluffy fur and not just a flat texture, the eyes are slightly larger and more expressive, and the textures themselves are of higher quality.