FAR: Changing Tides Review

Mar 11, 2022

When I received code for FAR: Changing Tides, I had never played 2018’s FAR: Lone Sails from developer Okomotive. Once I sat down with it, I was absolutely enraptured by it and even completed it in a single sitting. While I’m glad I finally experienced it, I just wish I hadn’t been missing out all these years. Changing Tides is the long-awaited follow-up that adds meaningful new mechanics and depth throughout your odyssey. You’ll find that the FAR series has no spoken words, no text to display, yet says so much in spite of that. It’s a game series that shows, rather than tells. FAR: Changing Tides demands very little of you, but it will give so much in return for your efforts. Like Lone Sails before it, FAR: Changing Tides is also among my favorite games in recent memory, making both essential plays for anyone.