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Apr 04, 2022

The Dynasty Warriors series holds this special little spot in our gaming hearts for quite a few of you out there and me! It’s a form of comfort food that is just so pleasing to play, no matter how rough around the edges it can be. I enjoyed my time with Dynasty Warriors 9 way back, and the Empires’ release gives me more of the same with the added management aspect of the Empires side series.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

Feb 13, 2018

How many franchises can you name that have lasted as long as Dynasty Warriors? If you go by the number of mainline games to be released, there aren’t many to list. So with over 21 years under its belt and 8 mainline sequels before it, Omega Force and Koei-Tecmo are adding one more to their own Dynasty, Dynasty Warriors 9. With number 9 comes some changes to the formula that may entice some new players to pick it up while not alienating fans of the series.

Attack on Titan Review

Aug 26, 2016

Attack on Titan is a franchise I’ve heard a lot about. I only know the basic core idea of  humans, struggling to survive, fighting against giant creatures. These naked beings that roam the land, eating people, seem to have come from nowhere and only leave death in their path. Honestly it sounds messed up and it is.  Humans have found ways to fight them and erected walls to stop them, but the battles go on.  The game sets this up all rather well for new people to the series and veterans will know exactly what to expect story wise, but what about the gameplay?

Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

Apr 11, 2011

Dynasty Warriors…?  Oh no not that hack and slash button masher of a game!  Really, another version?  What is the count up to now?  Yes, this is what many Westerners say in response to the highly popular eastern classic Dynasty Warriors.  The game series has reached its 7th inning stretch (6th on the other side of the world) and we’ll see just how rejuvenated the series has become.  At first glance, this year’s version looks no different than previous in the series.  But once we take a look into what Omega Force has done with this title, we might just change our minds.