OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair (2020) Review

May 27, 2020

OPSEAT has been making gaming chairs for several years now, and I’m without a doubt convinced they make the best of them. I’m a disabled veteran, and when I work or game, I need back support more than most. The OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair is a quality purchase for anyone worried about having bad posture or even discomfort during long sessions of whatever you’re doing while sitting. OPSEAT delivers on every front, and should be your first thought when considering a purchase of a new chair.

OPSeat Master Series PC Gaming Chair Review

Dec 07, 2017

When OPSeat reached out to me to review this, I hadn’t ever considered these chairs before. Sure, I’ve seen them on streams and recorded videos, but I never thought much of it. I of course thought my office chair was more than sufficient for what I was doing in them. Without being hyperbolic, there is no way I’m going back standard office chairs for PC gaming again. The Master Series PC Gaming Chair sets a great first impression that never waivers, and most importantly has improved my posture and back pain. OPSeat is a company to put your attention towards, as they are watching your six with great comfort.