GRID Legends Review

Feb 24, 2022

Codemasters are just that, experts at making games that cover broad strokes and niche corners of the racing genre. For GRID, the long-running series has really stepped into its own with the introduction of a story mode, and improvements on every facet with Legends. Codemasters have clearly heard the complaints about 2019’s reboot, and have expanded the number of locations, vehicles, and even types of disciplines. This entry smooths all of the rough edges of its predecessor. GRID Legends is exhilarating, exciting, and an enthusiastic arcade-based racer that is the series’ best entry to-date.

Battlefield 2042 Review

Nov 22, 2021

DICE have been spent the last five years exploring World War I (Battlefield 1) and World War II (Battlefield V) to great success, the last of which in the era where it all started. In that time, there was still a demand that the series return to either modern or future warfare. With Battlefield 2042, we actually get both. Usually we depict the future to be something to look forward to, but Battlefield 2042 paints a bleak picture of warfare teeming with tornadoes and sandstorms. The large-scale battles we’ve come to know and love are now even bigger and broader, producing an uneven yet grandiose multiplayer experience.