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Battlefield 2042 Review

Nov 22, 2021

DICE have been spent the last five years exploring World War I (Battlefield 1) and World War II (Battlefield V) to great success, the last of which in the era where it all started. In that time, there was still a demand that the series return to either modern or future warfare. With Battlefield 2042, we actually get both. Usually we depict the future to be something to look forward to, but Battlefield 2042 paints a bleak picture of warfare teeming with tornadoes and sandstorms. The large-scale battles we’ve come to know and love are now even bigger and broader, producing an uneven yet grandiose multiplayer experience.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review

Jun 25, 2021

Bioware has had many successful franchises over the years, but none have connected with me more, or it seems the general gaming public, as much as Mass Effect. Mass Effect has seemingly become part of pop culture. As with other high-profile Sci-fi properties, I’ve run into my share of N7 apparel out in the wild and Mass Effect flair plastered over people’s, well, anything. You haven’t made it until they make a license plate bracket out of your property. Why yes, Mrs. green Ford Focus in the parking lot, my other ride is also the Normandy. Even after the few downs, the series has fallen into, it still holds on to a passionate fanbase. With the release of the Legendary Edition, we can all relive our Shepard’s tale, with a sharper coat of paint.