Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Review

Jun 15, 2016

If there is one cartoon series that has had an impact the most with, and I hate using this term, millennials, it would be The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) Series. From ages 5 – 35, the Turtles have been a pop culture icon since their debut at Mirage comics in 1984. The Turtles have had four successful movies, three separate hit cartoon series, two Michael Bay adaptations, one awful live action TV show, and a slew of video games. The Turtles have had a ton of hit video games and a few misses through the years and you’re here to find out if their latest game from Platinum Games and Activision, Mutants in Manhattan, is in that top tier of Turtle games.

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation Review

Oct 22, 2015

They did it, they finally did it. After years and years of screaming how much we wanted a good Transformers game, let alone a Generation One game, Hasbro and Activision finally threw us a bone. They gave Platinum Games the duties of design and what was crafted is something truly amazing

Transformers Devastation E3 2015 Preview

Jun 19, 2015

After seeing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, I got to my hands-on with Transformers Devastation from Platinum Games. If you’ve seen the original G1 series, or the IDW reboot comic series, you’ll be right at home. It’s very much a Platinum Game, whatever that means to you. 


Jan 16, 2014

After almost a year since the original release, comes the PC version of METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE from Platinum Games. Platinum has done was Platinum does, and made a fast, frenetic game with high replayability. And the game alone warrants a double-dip on PC, or your first-time purchase.

Metal Gear Rising; Revengeance Review

Mar 12, 2013

Back in 2002, I remember being so excited to play the newly released Metal Gear Solid 2.  The memories of playing through the Boat level and imagining how much fun playing as the gruff Snake was going to be will always be a great moment in gaming for me. I always like to tell the story of how my brother was playing, got spotted, and ran into a locker. A guard started opening neighboring lockers and once he opened my brother’s locker the alert timer had expired. The guard looked away and my brother closed the locker door. The guard had turned back to the locker, stood there a bit, and walked away. It was a magical moment in gaming where we both looked at each other and said, “Did that really just happen?” The rest of the game eventually shifted when you entered Big Shell with this effeminate looking guy. The colonel called him Jack, then gave him the code name Raiden. To my dismay, I ended up playing as him for the rest of the game and again I asked myself, “did that really just happen?”.  Disappointed was quite the understatement and thus began my dislike for the guy. Here we are in 2013, Raiden in the lead again but do I still dislike him or this game? I only need one word, amazing.


Oct 13, 2012

Dear Journal,

My date with Bayonetta was, to say the least, strange. It turns out she’s a badass, overly sexual witch who’s quite confident in herself. She’s crazy and so is her game direction. All her action is over the top and the enemy designs are just as out there. There is a story going on here but hell if I know what’s happening. From what she’s told me, it has something to do with Bayonetta being a witch, forgetting her past, long legs, British accents, boobs, and ass. With her memory lost she becomes sort of a hit-woman for, what I can gasp, is the Devil. Don’t hold me to any of this if I’m wrong because I was having a hell of a time keeping up with the story at all.