FEZ (Switch) Review

Jun 17, 2021

There is a very specific, unparalleled mix of wonder and power you feel while running, hopping, climbing, and rotating your way through the vibrant and artful levels of FEZ‘s world. To both inhabit territory that is familiar and be on a constant journey of discovery as you play, a journey which parallels that of Gomez (the main character) both literally and metaphorically, is nothing short of magical, and it creates a deeper sense of connection with the experience of playing the game. FEZ was an instant classic upon its release nine years ago, and no game has ever played in the same space since. How could it? All of the special bits that make FEZ work so well are a labor of intense love and engineering effort that would still be a major challenge to reproduce in any form today. Nine years on, FEZ is still an incredible gaming experience that was ahead of its time at release, still feels fresh today, and is right at home on the Nintendo Switch.

FEZ (PC) Review

May 04, 2013

I wasn’t the biggest fan of FEZ when it first released on Xbox Live Arcade. The gameplay, the visual design, and the soundtrack were like nothing else, and that is what I came for. Unfortunately the performance issues were enough to make me stop playing entirely. Now, just a year later we have the PC version.