Nintendo Announces the 2DS. An Entry Level 3DS?

Aug 28, 2013

The biggest of the news that Nintendo revealed today was the 2DS. Nintendo has gone and removed the 3D function from the DS for a lower priced option in their handheld line. The system will launch on October 12th alongside Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and be released in 2 colors, Red or Blue. The system will play all current and future 3DS and DS titles in 2D just as you can on either the 3DS or 3DS XL. Nintendo will be selling this updated entry for $129.99, $40 lower than the 3DS and $70 under the 3DS XL.

The biggest change to the system is it’s slate like design that resembles a thin piece of cake. The device does not fold as traditional DS’s do and the buttons has shifted upwards for what looks like a more comfortable holding position. You can also opt for a carrying case, which will be available in Red or Blue at launch for $12.99. The Nintendo 2DS still has the DS signature dual screens with touch on the bottom and keeps the single slidepad. As with the current 3DS handhelds, you are able to play Nintendo DS games, access wireless networks for multiplayer, Street-Pass and Spot-Pass, and download games from the Nintendo e-Shop with the included 4GB SD card.

I personally would have gone with a different name, Maybe DS Micro or how about we bring back the Gameboy moniker? The Gameboy DS anyone?

Here’s a video with more 2DS to fill those curious minds of yours