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Grand Kingdom Review

Jun 17, 2016

The PlayStation Vita is no stranger to some fantastic role playing games.  It seems to be the handheld to go to when it comes to interesting and unique RPG experiences. One thing right off the bat, Grand Kingdom is quite different from any other RPG game I’ve played (which is a ton) and it offers an experience worth checking out, even if it’s bit intimidating from the start.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Review

Oct 21, 2015

It’s the month of October and if you celebrate Halloween, that only means one thing: Scary stuff is in season!  That’s what makes this release the perfect time. A long awaited sequel to a franchise that has become extremely popular on the PSP is finally landing on the Vita and with it comes a host of changes. Is this a scary game that you should jump head first into, or did the transition to the Vita bring along with it more nightmares?