MX vs ATV Legends Review

Jun 30, 2022

The MX vs ATV series has had its ups and downs, and lately that trend has been downward. MX vs ATV Legends has a focus on making yourself a legend, but there’s nothing in place that could possibly allow for something like that during your career in the game. It has a strong base for something good, but the career is a near-endless slog of races with frustrating breaks of your momentum, and a complete disregard towards being fun. It’s a new game with new problems, seemingly not learned from prior entries. It’s possible that over time patches and updates will get this to a state where you might want to play it, but for now it’s best to stay away. MX vs ATV Legends is simply something I can’t recommend, and there’s better motocross games out there.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Review

Mar 17, 2021

In 2019, I reviewed Monster Jam Steel Titans and felt it was middle of the road. I’m here now with the sequel, Steel Titans 2, and though I think: it’s an upgrade, and there are things the game does that make my time with it less than enjoyable. The initial presentation of colorful open worlds feels deceitful when you find out there mostly isn’t much to do within them. Overall, you find out quickly how much of a slog things are.

Monster Jam Steel Titans Review

Aug 20, 2019

The moment I loaded Monster Jam: Steel Titans, I felt as if the developers were trying to reintroduce the Monster Jam concept to me. They plug you right into the Monster University mode and begin giving you tutorials on how to go about being a Monster Jam driver. It’s almost as if they knew I hadn’t played a Monster Truck game in over a decade, and I’ll say this, it was a nice return.

MX vs ATV All Out Review

Apr 02, 2018

The return of the MX vs ATV series comes thanks to THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios, the original publisher and developer. However, that return is met with a meh, rather than memorable. MX vs ATV All Out has just about everything that made the series what it is, but feels like a step back from where it left off. The core presentation and offerings of MX vs ATV All Out are really solid, though the things all around tend to fall apart the longer you play it.

MX vs ATV Unleashed Review

Apr 22, 2015

“What’s old is new again”, or so they say. With the release of MX vs ATV Unleashed on Steam last week, it seemingly feels like it’s 2006 again. This release sees the light of day thanks to new publisher, Nordic Games taking over for the defunct THQ. This re-published game, appearing on Steam for the very first time gives a glimpse back in time with a world where games were easy to play, fun, and full of crazy ideas.