Scott Ellison II’s Top 10 Games of 2019

Dec 31, 2019

Look, a lot of games come out each year. More games were released this year over last. A lot’s changed in this decade in gaming. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly harder to find the time to play them for review, or play anything else for fun. So yes, there’s going to be glaring omissions and other oddities, but at least understand there’s just a lot of fucking games right now. And a lot of them are good. So let’s kick this thing off!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Review

Aug 12, 2019

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the long-awaited follow-up and prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy, expanding on the universe that was introduced with that game. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw ditches the 2D plane, adds a first-person cockpit, and sports a look akin to X-Wing vs TIE Fighter that no other game has done since that series. This is a game teeming with things to do amongst a galactic vastness, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw delivers on all fronts in being an excellent exploration, space combat, and trading game you’ll love the moment you take flight.