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Alan Wake Remastered Review

Dec 09, 2021

Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment’s dark, moody horror adventure was originally released as an Xbox 360 Exclusive in 2010 to favorable critical reviews and slow initial sales. Its unique mashup of Stephen King-inspired horror in a setting strongly reminiscent of Twin Peaks and a healthy dose of deliberately overwrought narration earned it permanent adulation in the eyes of its fans, and over the following years (and owing to a release on the PC), it achieved cult classic status. In the wake of Control‘s popularity and the potential importance of its relationship to Alan Wake, Remedy have released Alan Wake Remastered for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The Remaster seeks to re-introduce old and new fans alike to the story of Alan Wake while giving it a pass of modernization so its more palatable by today’s standards.


Aug 27, 2020

It’s the one year anniversary (to the exact date) for CONTROL. And the release of the final expansion, AWE is the perfect way to close the book on this incredible game, with the help from Alan Wake. With all due respect to The Foundation, the first expansion for the game, the anticipation for this second expansion has had people guessing and hypothesizing for months on end now. After all the hints, the references, and sometimes overt mentions, it’s time to see what the connection CONTROL has to Remedy’s own 2010 game, Alan Wake. AWE gives new insight into what has happened to Alan Wake after all this time, and gives new mysteries to uncover. The Remedy Connected Universe is unfolding before us, and it’s already AWEsome.


Aug 26, 2019

Remedy has always crafted excellent story driven experiences that excel at providing thrilling moments filled with cinematic flair. Their games have always felt rather linear though, yet filled with fantastic action thats become a staple of their titles.  Yet, I always thought it would do them well to add some variety and interesting level design to give them just a bit more depth. Does Control take the prior expertise they had and innovate past that? That would be a resounding yes. Control is some of Remedy’s best work to date.

Death Rally Review

Aug 03, 2012

The original Death Rally was developed by Remedy Games and released in 1996 on PC. My first introduction to the game was a demo that was included with Duke Nukem 3D. In 2011, the game returned on iOS and Android. Having owned that version, was pretty responsive, was a blast, and looked great doing it. Now the game has made its way back to PCs.