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Evan Rowe’s Top Games of 2019

Dec 31, 2019

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! It feels like the pace of new game releases is increasing at an alarming rate year over year, and each time I sit down to write one of these things, I think that the next year can’t possibly pack any more stuff into it than the previous one, and every single time I am proven wrong. It’s too much to keep up with and I can’t possibly stay on top of all of them, especially with my unfortunate preference for online multiplayer games and/or games that take up a TON of time to finish. This is the last year I’m going to complain about the too many games/not enough time conundrum, I promise. From here on out it’s just going to be lists with the aforementioned grumbling baked in as an automatic assumption. It’s an understanding I think most of us have pretty well figured out at this point.

Remnant: From the Ashes Review

Sep 11, 2019

Every so often a game sneaks up on you with practically no warning. No fanfare, no bombastic media campaign; one day it’s just there, lurking in the periphery. You hear whispers and rumors, but the things people say are almost too hard to believe. But, if the rumors were true… they would be impossible to ignore. So finally, one night you venture out to discover for yourself what’s going on. You have to know, is the hype actually this real?¬†Sometimes, the answer is simply “no, it’s not.” Often, games fail to actually deliver on the promise of their early impressions. And then, there’s Remnant: From the Ashes. No matter what you’ve heard about what Remnant has in store for you, I promise you are not ready for the journey that it takes you on. Remnant¬†is a game that not only delivers on its promises, but takes you far beyond and keeps surprising you over and over again.