Dead Sky is the new game from Spectraball developer, Shorebound Studios

Aug 23, 2013

Dead Sky is a top down, tower defense, zombie shooter for PC, Mac and Linux. Gamers play as a survivor in a zombie infested world with one goal, survive.

Steam users can vote for Dead Sky to be included on Steam through Steam Greenlight here:

Dead Sky includes the following features on top of it’s expansive 9 mission single player and horde based multiplayer:

  • Wide-Ranging Single Player – Play through the expansive single-player mode, taking on zombies, gunning from choppers, and much more in 9 missions.
  • Cooperative Multiplayer – Take yourself and up to three friends into a hectic, horde based, multiplayer game. Survive as long as you can, crafting your defensive base and fighting the zombie horde.
  • 30+ Weapons, Zombies and Powerups – Dead Sky features many unique weapons, zombies and powerups for you to come across.
  • Expansive Crafting System – Craft a variety of defensive items ranging from turrets, traps, barricades and more to enhance your base as you fight off the horde.
  • Online Leaderboards – Compete with your friends and other players worldwide to see how you rank.