Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

Sep 12, 2011

The basic foundation of this game is that of its predecessor, tower defense and then some.  You have a few choices when in the menu.  You basically have single player, multiplayer, and mini-games.  In Mini-Games you get a choice of a few types of local for the mini-game and in each local there is a different general goal that you have to accomplish.  Choosing one of the later mini-games you are placed in a top down view of a base.  Looking around you may notice that there is a large toy box which will serve as your base.  There are also circular pads where you place “towers” to defend that toy box at all costs.  Now you need to start placing your “towers” which in this game are machine gun emplacements, anti-tank bunkers, “napalm” throwers, mortar teams, anti-air turrets, and artillery machinery to keep the waves of Russian foot troops and vehicles from reaching your toy box.