SUPERHOT (Switch) Review

Sep 20, 2019

It somehow feels like SUPERHOT has always existed. It somehow feels as though it only came out as recently as last year. Perhaps that’s a testament to how thoroughly it has permeated our collective gaming memories. Now, three years on from its release, it is the iconic title we all knew that it would be. The stylish visuals, clever mechanics (“Time moves when you move!”), and ever-increasing challenges of its levels have made a lasting impression and a combination that is hard to put down. The follow-up, SUPERHOT VR became what many consider to be the gold standard for VR games. To say that it has been successful would be an understatement. Given its legacy on PC, the release of SUPERHOT on Switch may at first seem superfluous (“SUPERFLUOUS”?), but in reality it is an earnest port that makes a whole lot of sense for the platform, and more importantly feels right at home.