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Trepang2 Review

Jun 19, 2023

No, you didn’t miss out on Trepang1 – at least, not in the way you think. The first game from this studio was a platformer about a sea cucumber, which is what “trepang” roughly translates to. So in coming to Trepang2 , there’s no primer necessary to get prepared for what this first-person shooter is about. At its core, this is meant to be an homage to the shooters from the mid-2000s, most notably F.E.A.R. . However, Trepang2 is a game that never manages to capture the same magic from this era in any meaningful way. Trepang Studios certainly tried, but completely missed the target at making Trepang2 even remotely worth playing.

Hell Let Loose, the multiplayer World War II has a “Devotion to Duty” in new cinematic trailer ahead of next update

Jun 12, 2023

From Press Release:

Team17 has today revealed Devotion to Duty, the next free update for the team-based, strategic, World War II first-person shooter, Hell Let Loose from its newly named Cover 6 Studios. In a cinematic trailer, shown for the first time at last night’s PC Gaming Show, we see the 101st Airborne dropping into battle before marching on the German defenses at Brécourt Manor. Devotion to Duty is coming to Hell Let Loose on July 18th and introduces a new game mode for all players.

Devotion to Duty introduces a brand-new objective mode featuring a smaller map and 25v25 matches for control of Brécourt Manor. Players will fight it out in the trenches attempting to plant and defuse explosives to gain the upper hand against the enemy and win the day.

Hell Let Loose is a team-based World War II first-person shooter featuring epic battles across infantry, tanks, artillery, and a dynamically shifting front line. Players can choose from one of 14 playable roles within the infantry, recon, and armor units, each offering a unique gameplay experience.

Devotion to Duty launches on 18 July. Hell Let Loose is available to download now on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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