RiME (Switch) Review

Nov 22, 2017

RiME has come to the Nintendo Switch after several months of waiting, and the results are borderline disastrous. This is my first experience playing Tequila Works’ game, and there’s a wonderful game underneath the grime and disappointment. It is difficult to say if any of these issues can be patched out, but until then it seems it would be best to experience this game anywhere but on the Switch.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

Jun 21, 2016

Deadlight is another in a long string of games that’s about the undead. While that might make some folks groan, Deadlight did things a bit different from a gameplay perspective to keep things fresh. Opting to go for more of a side scrolling style of gameplay akin to something like the classic “out of this world” it was a unique take if somewhat flawed and frustrating at times.  We now see a return to the series with the Director’s Cut, which offers some refinements, but mostly more of the same.