Young Souls Review

Apr 18, 2022

One of my early favorites growing up as a wee little Ed has always been Beat’em ups. From those Teenage Turtles to the Toads who like to battle, I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of beat’em up. So, when I was presented with a chance to give Young Souls a playthrough, I jumped at the chance. After seeing what was going to be presented in this game, I knew I had to give it some attention. Beat’em up? Loot? Stat leveling? Yeah, Young Souls, you got my attention.

KUNAI Review

Feb 06, 2020

TurtleBlaze and The Arcade Crew have something special in KUNAI. It’s what they call a “techroidvania” which, you know what means, and you know what kind of game this is. KUNAI is full of style and self-aware humor that blends so well. KUNAI has zippy traversal, swift combat, and satisfying progression that makes it an early must-play for the year.