The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Review

Apr 05, 2011

“Wow, this is different”, those were the first words out of my mouth once I got into the campaign.  You start off as Yuki, a very troubled looking female character, whom you learn the basics of the game with.  After you complete that first tutorial chapter, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile picks up after the events from the first game, that is if you choose to go with the Dishwasher.  Yup, you have two characters to choose from right from the get go.  Yuki is default role here but if you choose the Dishwasher then you can view different cut scenes.  Both characters go through the same 13 level and fight the same bosses, but the story is different for each.  If you don’t want to jump right into the campaign you can slice it out in Arcade mode for high scores on the Xbox Live Leaderboards.  But you don’t have to make that decision alone as Vampire Smile includes an offline or Xbox Live Co-Op mode where you can team up in campaign mode or reach for top honors in the Arcade.