The Medium Review

Feb 11, 2021

Horror video games have taken many shapes over the years, ranging from more action-focused titles like Resident Evil to psychological thrillers like Amnesia, with the common thread between them being predation upon the player’s sense of vulnerability. Jump scares and cheap thrills are the favorite tools in the pursuit of spooking players, but few manage to instill a sense of creeping dread so well as The Medium does. It creates tension that begins as a faint hum, and as you learn more about the places and people you’re investigating, it slowly builds into a steady buzz that keeps the knots tied in your stomach even during the game’s downbeats. Combined with a highly cinematic presentation, some truly excellent environment art, and unique game mechanics that integrate well with the storytelling, The Medium is a horror game that can be deeply unsettling but is compelling enough that it’s worth pushing through the discomfort.