The Solitaire Conspiracy Review

Oct 23, 2020

Tension mounts as the situation at the gala reaches a sticky impasse. Your agents in the field are set to extract a valuable asset from the clutches of a criminal mastermind, but they’re sorely outnumbered and the security detail may be on to them. They’re running out of time to pull the mission off before the asset leaves, and you’re sweating bullets because if you fail, well… let’s not even consider that an option. You crack your knuckles, exhale, and think to yourself, if only I could get Jack out of this corner, I could have him grab a guard and whisk him off where he won’t be able to cause any trouble. You shuffle things around, play with the arrangements, and suddenly the solution presents itself. With fingers moving like lightning across your screen, everything locks into place and you clear the board for your agents to succeed, the music swelling to a crescendo as you drop the last of the face cards onto their respective piles. Another mission in the bag, and another game of Solitaire won.