Ed Acosta’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Dec 31, 2017

Ed has played a smattering of games throughout the year. This was a busy year personally for him, with a day job and getting married, but he still made time to play games. Here’s his personal favorites in a very specific order from this year.

Yakuza Kiwami Review

Sep 13, 2017

Earlier in the year SEGA released Yakuza 0, a prequel to the first Yakuza game released over a decade ago. It was one I rather enjoyed a lot. The combat was fun, the story intense, and the side objectives were entertaining. I never got around to reviewing the game, but it is definitely a contender for my Game of the Year list. Yakuza 0 made me a fan of this series and I’ve been eagerly awaiting Yakuza Kiwami. Fast forward a few months and Kiwami is here; a remake of the first Yakuza title utilizing the game engine from Yakuza 0. The game doesn’t disappoint either, it’s wonderful.