Magrunner: Dark Pulse Review

Jun 28, 2013

Crowd-funding is quite popular these days, and among them is the success for 3AM and Frogwares. Done via Gamesplanet Lab, is what brings Magrunner to us. Is it an attractive game, or polarizing to your wallet?

Magrunner: Dark Pulse opens their Official Website and releases New Screenshots

Apr 11, 2013

Magrunner Dark Pulse, the action/reflection game developed by 3AM (Frogwares) for PC, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, today celebrates the grand opening of its official website.

Magrunner sends us to the near future, where technology will confront the Cthulhu Mythos as imagined by the renowned author of fantasy novels, H. P. Lovecraft. The website of the game has also been optimized for smartphones and touch tablets, allowing players to access all the information about Magrunner, wherever they are.

The website contains absolutely everything players might want to know about Magrunner: details on its gameplay, its story, information about the protagonists, as well as many screenshots. New videos are also inbound, so keep an eye on the Media section of the website the weeks to come. Players will also be able to follow the newsfeed of the game in real-time: all the latest news, the activity surrounding the game on their favorite social networks, as well the developer’s Dev Blog, where they will release regularly exclusive information.

Magrunner will release on PC, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.