E3 2012: Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)

Jun 08, 2012

I only played the multiplayer of the game, and it feels a lot like Burnout Paradise’s online modes with the Activities. People meet up and you do jump challenges, speed traps, races, team races, and specific tasks. I’ll play or see the single player tomorrow to see what the story is. But the demos were all on PCs. The game is very urban, compared to Hot Pursuit’s vast and open backgrounds all outside of cities.

NFL BLITZ Now Available

Jan 04, 2012

Electronic Arts announced today that the all-new HD version of NFL Blitz from EA SPORTS is now available via digital download on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 points and PLAYSTATION Network for $14.99. A remarkable value, NFL Blitz features the arcade-style gameplay that made the original game a hit, but takes the experience to a whole new level with immersive online* game modes in high-definition.