Watch the 5-minute Opening Cinematic to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Sep 24, 2013

SQUARE ENIX today released the gorgeous opening cinematic for LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIII. The cinematic gives viewers a closer look at the city of Yusnaan—the city that is alive with banquets and festivities and where Snow rules over as the Patron. The trailer also reveals the epic battle between Lightning and her former ally, Snow in its entirety. 

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailers and Screens are gorgeous

Dec 23, 2012



Square-Enix has released a few new screens from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and boy oh boy are they looking purdy. Along with the screens are the two trailers; one of which was the leaked trailer from a few days ago (below) and the other is the trailer Square-Enix released at the Jump Festa Event this past week.

I’ll be honest, the game is looking very good and if that battle system is more action oriented than previous Final Fantasy titles, I’ll dive right on in. I’m excited to hear more information about Lightnings new tale and how the game will play out with it’s 13 day time clock. It wasn’t mentioned here but I heard some chatter back when the game was first announced about being able to customize your lightning with different outfits, so for those who are a little less than pleased with lightnings new getup, might have options.

The game is scheduled for release in 2013 for both the Xbox 360 and Playstaion 3 and you can now download track used in the trailer, “Crimson Blitz,” from composer Masashi Hamauzu on the iTunes Store for $0.99.




LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII sees the return of series heroine, Lightning, in a world that only has 13 days before total annihilation. These new assets offer a first look at the more action-oriented combat system where the player has direct control of the character. Also introduced is Luxerion, the divine city of light and prayer, where Lightning will encounter new enemies and monsters.


LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII sees the return of composers Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki, who have all worked on the soundtrack for the previous title, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Hamauzu’s track used in the trailer, “Crimson Blitz,” will be made available for download on the iTunes Store on December 23 for $0.99.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 system in 2013. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

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