Strife is the new MOBA from Heroes of Newerth developer, S2 Games

Aug 08, 2013

S2 Games, developers of the free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Heroes of Newerth, today introduced their brand-new title, Strife. The only studio with two MOBAs currently in development, S2 has focused their long-standing industry expertise, passion and talent toward building a collaborative, engaging experience that truly stands apart from those offered by competing MOBAs. Strife’s approach is simple: rich, community-driven gameplay paired withmechanics that make teamwork easy, rewarding and satisfying for all.

“S2 Games has been in the MOBA market from its inception,” said Marc DeForest, CEO of S2 Games. “Since then, we’ve learned a great deal about this maturing genre through a wide range of analytical studies and experience. For Strife, we want to take MOBAs to the next level, utilizing our resources to blend the processes of game development and player engagement to create a more enjoyable experience that grows the community and evolves the idea of what MOBAs can be.”

Unlike other MOBAs, Strife is built entirely around the idea of a collective, contributing community. Predicated on creating a more connected multiplayer experience that incentivizes cooperation, Strife streamlines communication between players with innovative, in-client social systems and rewards players for team collaboration, not simply placing highest on a leaderboard. It also employs design elements that instruct and inform, providing immediate feedback for genre newcomers and veterans alike.

Strife aims to make strides in MOBA storytelling, delivering an engrossing world with a layered backstory to further connect players with the heroes they choose. It all begins when the invasion of the Dharkwave, harbingers of darkness foretold by prophecy, is imminent, promising catastrophe upon the world. Its only hope is an Army of Light, forged in the crucible of battle to hold the line against their impending arrival. Players must overcome “The Trials of Strife,” as well as one another, to prove themselves as champions worthy to face the Dharkwave.

Instilling in players personal attachments to their heroes as much informs S2’s approach to art and character design as it does lore, producing units that are not only fun and intuitive to control, but that each feature their own definitive style. Everything from the pets they fight with to the crafted weapons and items they bring to battle is informed by the look, feel and personality of each hero. These customizable character choices encourage players to experiment, adapting tactics appropriate to personal play style.

Strife will be available this winter, promising a realm of conflict, competition and glory. For more information on Strife, visit, or follow along on Twitter (@S2Strife), Facebook ( and YouTube (

S2’s Heroes of Newerth gets Updated to ‘HoN 3.0’ – Shows off “Lore” trailer

Jan 24, 2013

S2’s Heroes of Newerth, currently available free to play on PC, Mac and Linux. The ‘Lore’ Trailer delivers a thematic backstory for the central conflict of the many heroes in Newerth, and also includes a peek at the new features from the upcoming 3.0 update.


Heroes of Newerth 1-year birthday and Bloodline Champions celebration on now

May 13, 2011

If arena-based PVP games are your thing, there’s a two-fer for this weekend. Heroes of Newerth is celebrating their one-year birthday by opening the game up for a free-to-play 11-day session. Bloodline Champions is celebrating their fanbase by offering up all their bloodline heroes free to play.

Heroes of Newerth

With over 50,000 players, S2Games’ Heroes of Newerth (or HoN for short) is an arena-based PvP game based the wildly popular WarCraft III mod known as Defense of the Ancients (DoTA). Featuring the same gameplay styles and a whole new engine, this game is everything you want and more. I played during the beta time, but didn’t keep up once the game went final and into retail. Starting now, you can sign-up for a free Heroes of Newerth and play free for the next 10 days. Free-2-Play ends on Sunday, May 22nd at 12am EST.

Heroes of Newerth is a one-time purchase of $30 to get access to over 65 heroes to play as, with free updates constantly evolving and changing the game. The game is currently in version 2.0.

Full details of the free to play event here:

Bloodline Champions

Additionally, the normally Free-2-Play game Bloodline Champions is opening all the doors for play in it’s own celebration. Normally most characters are locked away when you first start, but from now until Noon GMT on Monday, May 16th you can play as any bloodline character. Stunlock Studios and Funcom ‘s Arena PvP game is very appealing. It’s a bit different from the above Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, or even the classic DoTA. It’s all action-based, rather than clicking a specific skill and waiting for the animation – every click or button press is a direction action, a la Diablo. Though it’s still all PvP arena battles.

With this event, they are introducing the Recruit-A-Friend system. Basically by introducing people to the game, you will gain coin and points to use on your character without having to use real money. Good move from the developers not to force too much pay to play – when you can earn it for free.

Full details here: