Madden NFL 16 Review

Sep 01, 2015

From the outside looking in, it may be hard to determine how meaningful the changes are to a yearly franchise, especially those in the sports genre. But the folks at EA Tiburon are always hard at work to improve the game of American football. This year’s focus on receiving and even the versatility of a quarterback’s throw, makes Madden NFL 16 another fantastic entry that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a flagship series that doesn’t allow itself to get stale from year to year, and Madden NFL 16 is no exception.

Madden NFL 15 Review

Sep 05, 2014

♪ Defense, defense / we want the ball / we want the ball hey ♫ This year’s Madden is where defense comes to play. After some harsh criticism for what was supposed to be not only the next-generation debut of the series on new consoles, but a celebration of 25 years of Madden, Madden NFL 25 was met with disappointment. Madden NFL 15 is a redo of sorts, with a heavier focus on development for what is now current-generation systems and major changes to the tried-and-true, the results are overwhelmingly positive and a reinvigoration for the series.

Get the Madden NFL 15 Xbox One Bundle for $399 on August 26th

Aug 04, 2014

Today, in partnership with EA SPORTS, Microsoft announced plans to celebrate “Madden NFL 15” with a special Xbox One console bundle, which launches at select US retailers such as Microsoft retail stores on Aug. 26 for $399, and includes a copy of the game at no additional cost.